Monday, August 4, 2014

D6SN Top 20 Impact Players for 2014: #19 Grant Syster

19. Grant Syster 

Purchase Line
5'10" 187 SR. Running Back/Linebacker 

2013 Offensive Stats: 1,593 Rushing Yards. 14 Touchdowns. 
2013 Defensive Stats: N/A

The Scoop - Here is another player you may not know about, but you soon will. Grant Syster is trying to put Purchase Line back on the map this season, and he might just do it.  The Heritage Conference could be more wide open than ever this season, and perhaps the Dragons make some serious noise. Syster is a very good running back, and I mean really good. He may not be the fastest or shiftiest back on this list, but he has great vision. He can hit the hole and is seemingly one step ahead of the defenders every time. He is a workhorse back that plays the game with a physical style. Syster is a good stand up Defensive End/Outside Linebacker hybrid, and can really come up and make big plays in the backfield. Again, maybe Purchase Line might not have been a team you were planning on watching this season, but I bet you didn't know the have a player this good.  Go see this kid, he can play. 

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